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    Seagulls hovering over surf, Winthrop, 1931

    Leslie Jones

  4. Claude Monet, Storm at Belle-Isle

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    Margot, my grandmother, the day before she died, 2007

    Tealia Ellis Ritter

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    Always down for woodland adventures, always down for couch naps, dinner and a movie, long walks and is a great comforter.

    The more I learn about myself and the things that I believe, the more I realize how much I share in common with the other creatures around me. Having an audible voice doesn’t set me above the animals I share my home with or the creatures I share the earth with.

    This dearest friend of mine inspires me to continue seeking ways in which I can walk lightly upon the earth. She shows me that there is no justification for the taking or harming of a life, only obligation to honor it.

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  9. "Let us pray for the courage roaring
    in your colosseum chest,
    that it stays hungry and that it wins."
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